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The Original Copper Heeler helps relieve pain from all over the body


The Original Copper Heeler has helped thousands deal with their arthritis pain


Help your arthritis pain today!


Slip Them On and Change Your Life

The Original Copper Heeler Insole® was created for one reason – pain relief.
Slip a pair into your favorite footwear and that throbbing, stabbing pain could be nothing but a bad memory.
Sounds unlikely?

How Copper Works

The healing and medical uses of copper have been known to mankind since ancient times. Copper was discovered around 10,000 years ago.


About Arthritis

The Original Copper Heeler Insole was created to limit the effects of arthritis and allow users to live a pain-free life without surgery or painkillers.


What The Experts Say

Dr. Albert Singer surprised some in the medical profession but not the thousands of satisfied customers who have found been using this product.


  After having knee replacement surgery 3 years ago I suffered much pain and discomfort afterwards. No amount of medication or physiotherapy seemed to ease the pain. I was willing to try almost anything to ease the pain. This is when I saw “The Original Copper Heeler” I have been wearing the insole now for approximately 3 weeks and cannot tell you the relief that I have experienced. Thank you so much! Mrs P.R.S. Herts ​

  I am very grateful to you for the Copper insoles for my shoes. I was very bad on walking and since I lost my license it had become more difficult to walk. But since I got the insoles they have worked wonders. I noticed a vast difference after a week. It’s been a blessing, I can now walk at least a mile with no discomfort. Mr M.J.G. London ​